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“an unforgettable night of satirical, saucy entertainment”  - Nottingham Post

“It was certainly a night worth braving the weather to see, and was entirely without sleaze, full of tease and totally entertaining from start to finish.” - Nottingham Post

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“Another cracking night at the Gilded Merkin, each time I think Scarlett Daggers can't top the last show, she does.” - Steve Robshaw

A Clockwork Orrery Blog - May 2013



A powerhouse of a show! Featuring the best in the biz and guaranteed quality in every show! A pleasure to perform in everytime! – Missy Malone

A top notch show featuring the very best talent of the cabaret world. Perfectly balanced variety, professionally run and a pleasure to perform at! – Velma Von Bon Bon

Wonderful audience, excellent show, I loved every minute of it! – Coco Malone

A pleasure from top to bottom. – Mat Ricardo

What a joy to be in a room with so much fabulousness - on the stage AND in the audience! – Tricity Vogue

A slick and professionally run show and great fun to do. They even catered backstage for Charlie's m&m preferences! – Leggy Pee

“A hugely generous dollop of magical sophisticated glamour…with a delightful twist of ironic British humour."  - John Hess, BBC correspondent